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[ABOUT Walden® / OUR CONCEPT] “Humans and nature living in harmony” is what we believe in.
In this modernized society, we tend to overlook the significance of living in peace with nature. Our concept is to convey the importance of coexisting with nature through our eyewear.
Our brand name Walden® was inspired from the classical literature “Walden; or, life in the woods” by Henry D. Thoreau (1817-1862). The book details about the author’s experience living amidst woodland. Even 150 years after it was first published, it remains a literary landmark that continues to inspire us. Lately, the importance of coexisting with nature has been increasingly focused on, and we hope to make contributions to such society through our products.
The theme of our products is “the forest”, so we hope to contribute to the preservation of forests through donations from our sales.

※For every eyewear sold, we will donate 300yen to more trees, an intermediary organization and intermediary organization, at which the donations will be used to conserve trees.

[About the creators of Walden® ] Walden was created by OPTICAL TAILOR CRADLE . CRADLE is well known for the creation of EFFECTOR®, the fashion eyewear brand.
We take pride in our MADE IN JAPAN products, manufactured in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, which is home to many world class eyewear manufacturers. Our products have the warmth that only a handmade product can deliver.
[About Designs and Models] Our unisex designs are simple but have warmth, as is nature.
The forms are classical, with a touch of uniqueness, which is sure to bring out the character of the wearer. Designs are simple yet colorful, and all models are named after a tree(for optical glasses) or flower(for sunglasses).
[Materials / Features] We use acetate material made by the Italian company, Mazzucchelli 1849. For the spring hinge in the temple, we selected those made by OBE from Germany. The nose pad has an adjustable metal arm, and is originally designed to be inconspicuous. To pursue comfort, we use spring hinges and
metal nose pads.
[ABOUT more trees] “more trees”, as it’s name suggests, is a global initiative to plant more trees established by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.
For further information, go to their website.
more trees